Option to upgrade the silencer of the slip-on line system to a full system . Made from perfectly welded and lightweight titanium tubes . In conjunction with the Slip-On Line, it offers an improved sound and delivers a powerful racing sound that complements the performance and racing origin of the bike. Power and torque, especially from the medium speed range, have been improved.

Optional manifolds are also compatible with Akrapovič Standard (initial installation) silencers.

Reprogramming the control unit is recommended for perfect performance, throttle response and durability.



  • 4> 2> 1 Complete full titanium manifold with all attachments
  • without approval in public road traffic
  • Optional Kat can be ordered separately

Akrapovic manifold (titanium) for Honda CBR 1000 RR-R (Bj: 20) E-H10R8

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