Weight: -4.5kg (standard 7.1kg / Akrapovic 2.6kg)

Engine power: + 12.7PS (standard 187.3 at 13450RPM, Akrapovic 200 at 13050RPM)

Torque: +13.4 Nm at 3600RPM

DB +17.8: 93.8 (standard), 111.6 (Akrapovic)

With additionally available manifolds made of the finest titanium, you can expand your Akrapovic slip-on exhaust system into a complete system. Make your bike something special - with more power, an elegant design and the unique Akrapovic sound. A specially developed mapping is recommended for perfect performance, responsiveness and durability.

Reprogramming the ECU is recommended for perfect performance, throttle response and durability.


  • 4> 2> 1 Complete full titanium manifold with all attachments
  • without approval in public road traffic
  • if you already have the slip-on systems S-K10SO27-HRC or S-K10SO28-ASZTBL, you can combine them with the manifold to form a complete system

Akrapovic manifold (Titanium) for Kawasaki ZX-10 R / RR (Bj: 21) E-K10E2

SKU: E-K10E2
€1,790.00 Regular Price
€1,521.50Sale Price


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