Rear silencer options

GP1R - GP2R - V3

End cap options

GP1R = GP1R, GP1Round or GP1RR

GP2R = GP2 (200mm) or GP2R (110mm)

V3 = ---

End caps color

GP1R = silver, black, graphite or titanium

GP1 Round = black, silver or graphite

GP 1 RR = silver, black or titanium

GP2R = ---

V3 = silver or black

Logo option

GP1R = standard logo, laser engraved logo, color laser engraved logo

GP2R = standard logo, laser engraved logo

V3 = standard logo, laser-engraved logo, color laser-engraved logo

Rear silencer color

GP1R = carbon, titanium, black anodized or black anodized incl. Black connecting tube

GP2R = carbon, titanium, black anodized

V3 = Titanium, black anodized or black anodized incl. Black connecting tube

Rear silencer length

GP1R = ---

GP2R = ---

V3 = 150mm, 200mm, 250mm

DB volume

GP1R Slip-On - 107db without killer / 103 with killer

With GP2R Slip-On - 108db without killer / 103 with killer

With GP2 Slip-On - 105 without killer / 102 with killer

With V3 Slip-On (250mm) - 102 without killer / 100 with killer


about 1.8kg

further data

  • full titanium construction
  • improved fluid dynamics
  • the GP1 and GP2 have an integrated baffle plate with which you can control the DB from 102 to 110 DB.
  • simple plug & play
  • no further voting is necessary. However, tuning the racing ECU generates further increases in performance
  • a more power of about 3-5 HP
  • DB-Killer is included (not in the GP1RR option!)
  • the 2017-2019 RF / RR models include a servo plug
  • the 2019 model is supplied with a holder that can be attached to the standard footrest

  • Extension bracket for more heel clearance NOT required on RSV4-RF model
  • complete installation instructions are included

Austin Racing Slip-On (GP1R / GP2R / V3) for Aprilia RSV4 / R / RR / RF / Fac (Bj: 09-21)

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