This monoblock caliper is manufactured using the latest casting and machining technologies to create a solid caliper body that has excellent stiffness and precision operating values. Particular attention was paid to the hydraulics, as well as to the shape of the caliper body. The brake caliper body, which houses four aluminum pistons with a diameter of 34 mm, is characterized by significant stiffness values, which are achieved thanks to the special nature of the triple bridge shape.


Technical specifications

-Ø piston in mm: 34

- Number of pistons: 4 (4x34mm)

-Material of the pistons: aluminum

-Material of the pliers: Cast aluminum

- Surface protection: titanium

-For friction track in mm: 32-34

- Offset in mm: 22.5

-Weight per pliers: 800g

-Anti - Vibration spring for the brake pads

-Piston with double sealing (also suitable for road use)

-The brake disc thickness may not exceed 6 mm.

-The distance of the mounting hole 108 mm with offset 22.5 mm is exactly suitable as a replacement for the original brake calipers from the original equipment.


Brembo Brake Calipers M4 Monoblock 108mm for Suzuki GSX-R 600/750 (05-20)

SKU: 220.A397.10