Radial master cylinder for road bikes, which enables maximum operational readiness and perfectly modulated braking under all operating conditions with excellent linearity between the force exerted on the lever and the braking behavior.
This master cylinder has Brembo's patented RCS system for adjusting the center-to-center distance of the levers, giving you the ideal feeling between rider and bike. With a simple screwdriver you can make the braking system more aggressive and reactive (20 mm) or softer and more modulable (18 mm) in a few seconds.
This model uses a 19mm diameter piston and a folding long lever (LL), a detail particularly popular with racing drivers.
Brembo uses only the most modern processes to ensure great operation and performance.


Technical specifications:
- 19 RCS / leverage optionally 19 x 20 (black marking) or 19 x 18 (red marking)
- with folding lever
- Forged aluminum housing
- CNC machined surface, hard anodized
- with mechanical brake light switch
- DOT 4 or 5.1 brake fluid
- Thread connection for brake line: M10 x 1.0
- Weight 262 grams
- Original Brembo in the current version / with KBA no. and ABE!

Brembo radial brake pump RCS 19 x 18-20 | 110.A263.10

SKU: 110.A263.10
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