Only in connection with BMW RCK (Race-Calibration-Kit 3.0) or update status no.23 this is available from the respective BMW dealer! Year of construction 2018 is excluded, as there have been changes to the electronics that mean that it is no longer possible for this year of construction!


The FSS - Fast Shift Sensor

The V2A shift rod with a bronze bushing ensures enormous longevity.

The special bushing has a very small clearance of less than 2 / 1000th. She takes the shift rod
so it can do its job reliably. Apart from that, the sensor, with its record-breaking 14 mm width, is one of the “slimmest” on the market. The housing, which weighs only 20g, is available in five anodized colors: silver, gold, black, blue and red.
Due to its small size, it can be attached to almost all motorcycle models. The switching direction can be selected with a sensor in push or pull. The FSS - Fast Shift Sensor can be completely dismantled and is usually repairable even after a fall.


Features of the FSS - Fast Shift Sensor
• Switching direction, pull or push, adjustable
• Output signal (open collector) can be set as normally open or normally closed
• high quality CNC milled, available in 4 different colors
• black, blue, gold or silver
• very slim overall width (L: 96 mm H: 15 mm W: 23 mm)
• Usual connections M6 outside and M6 inside (BMW M6 outside, M8 inside)
• (re) programmable Hall sensor
• pretensioned path (+/- 3mm) by means of springs (max. +/- 25kg)
• Disassembled and reprogrammable at the factory
• According to our experience, the system is preset for the respective model


scope of delivery

- Fast Shift Sensor with Plug & Play connection

FSS - Quickshifter - automatic gearshift for BMW S 1000 RR (15-17) by MCT Lohmann

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  • Incorrectly set systems can damage the gear unit. Make sure that your module has been programmed correctly before you start your first journey.


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