The triple clamp TGP MotoRacing was designed to be able to adapt the vehicle geometry through a variable offset (2-fold variable through different inserts, 30 and 32mm offset). (An offset of 31 mm is also possible on request)

It is 60% stiffer than the original triple tree and still lighter. The noble design with milling marks fits perfectly with the design of high-quality Öhlins forks, which are also available from TGP including race conversion.
The combination of a stable lower triple clamp with a more flexible upper triple clamp leads to a significant reduction in chattering and thus improves driving behavior.

This fork bridge was calculated using finite element calculation.

7000N on solidly simulated fork tubes, length fully compressed. ( Double safety in racing )


Short caster applies to agility and sharp steering in tight corners, long caster applies to more stability when running straight ahead
Lower offset = longer lag
Larger offset = shorter lag



- more stable behavior

-optimized for racing

-CNC milled from 7075 aluminum

-black anodized

-high quality design with milling marks

- triple clamping at the bottom

- 1,750 g light

Triple clamp from TGP MotoRacing for Öhlins SBK fork Ø 52/58

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