TensorRace air filter module / Tensor Technology by Stealth Development for the series airbox with Pronoy fabric.

In comparison to the standard air filter and other well-known filter manufacturers, we were able to achieve a higher output of up to 7.5 kW (10.2 HP).
This technology on the "air filter" market was developed by Stealth Development and with our PR12 we were allowed to accompany the development of the TensorRace air filter module with Pronoy © fabric from the beginning.

The tensor deflector filter has a special hexagon structure with a material thickness of 70 microns for almost zero drag coefficient.
Developed for maximum ram-air efficiency.

The series filter has an outflow speed of approx. 20 km / h at 90 km / h flow.
With the TensorRace module, the outflow speed is 89 km / h.
Therefore, there is no throttling as with other sports air filters and a better degree of filling is achieved at high speeds with RamAir systems, without "HotSpot" nests.

In various practical tests on the racetrack with different models, all drivers were able to confirm: "Much better throttle response, more aggressive acceleration out of the corner apex."
Suspended and fine particles are not taken into account in the filter work.
We also offer an SDX pre-filter as an option for road racing in areas with high levels of dust.

Tensor Race air filter module for Ducati Panigale V4 R

€329.00 Regular Price
€309.00Sale Price
  • This filter module was developed for racing and is used on the racetrack. Street use only in a city atmosphere with up to approx. 5 mg of particles per cubic meter.


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