The Rock Oil Dirt Blaster is a unique, biodegradable complete cleaner. It can be used to remove dirt, sand, insects, oil and grease and can be used on many hard surfaces. It is safe to use on most sensitive surfaces, but must not dry on polished aluminum. The unique formulation enables a complete cleaning solution and can be used in conjunction with other Rock Oil products as part of a complete maintenance plan. Rock Oil Dirt Blaster is completely biodegradable, not dangerous for the environment and can therefore run off into the sewer.

The FM10 FLEX is equipped with a swiveling plastic lance including a flat jet nozzle with a spray angle of 80 ° and can therefore be used flexibly. The degree of foaming can be set variably in three stages using a plastic nozzle with interchangeable inserts, from liquid to solid. Depending on the setting, the foam adheres to the surface for up to five minutes, can work intensively and achieve an even more thorough cleaning effect. In addition, cleaning foam is economical to use and significantly reduces the use of resources.

· 1L filling content
· FKM sealing material
· Swiveling plastic lance
· Incl. 3 foam cartridges for a variable degree of foaming
· Powerful pressure pump
· Flat jet nozzle


· Fill in dirt blaster (max. 1L!) - can be diluted up to half with water
· Build up pressure by hand until the pressure relief valve becomes active
· Apply the foam evenly from 30-50cm
· Leave on for a short time and wash off with clean water
· Support stubborn dirt with a sponge or brush

Rock Oil DIRT BLASTER 1 liter + foam sprayer FM10 Flex

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